personal blogging is dead – so much for that route

and to think that daily dwayne was on the cusp of becoming a revenue generating machine…

i suppose if you have anything important to say, it should be said in 140 characters or less.

i’m watching the Tour de France right now and feeling very disappointed in myself for the way that I have been eating lately and the blatant lack of rising that i’ve (not) done in the last month. Oh I have a century in ONE month, with over 4000′ feet of climbing. i’m screwed.

i picked up dog shit this morning. and i liked it. starting to think that i need a job where i can be outside (at least partially). not saying that i want to pick up feces as a career…was just nice to be outside. has to be geeky as well…i like building stuff, but i screw it up way too much to make a career out of it.

Go Steelers!

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